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Two New Models Roll Off The Line

by Tim Joseph

Today the first of the all new 2008 Dodge Challengers rolled off the assembly line.

“Even though the development time for this Dodge Challenger SRT8 is one of the shortest in Chrysler’s history, the wait for this exciting car has been too long, and the wait is finally over,” said Frank Ewasyshyn, executive vice-president of manufacturing.

The Challenger is being build at the Brampton Assembly Plant in Ontario.

Yesterday, the newly redesigned 2009 Nissan Maxima rolled off the line at the Smyrna, Tennessee plant.

“Even though it’s a down market, our sales goals (for the Maxima) are higher than last year’s,” Castignetti said. “This is going to be the best flagship in our history.”

They’re on their way! If you’re interested, please contact:

Dick Scott Dodge – 800-571-6906

Dick Scott Nissan – 800-504-8536 Top 10’s

by Tim Joseph

With the price of gas soaring to new heights people must make changes in their lifestyle to compensate. $4 a gallon used to sound like an idol threat but now it’s a reality. Many people have already taken advantage of programs like Chrysler’s $2.99/gallon guarentee. Others are buying smaller, inexpensive, more fuel efficient vehicles. But finding the right small car to trade your nice SUV is for can be a daunting task. (guy-OH), a dining and travel review website named after Andre Gayot, offers us a little help with their Top 10 Best Small Cars and Top 10 Best Value Automobiles.

The Nissan Versa was present on both lists! Great job Versa! With its high crash test rating, 36 mpg and sub-$13k base price it would look good on anyone’s list.

Kia Rio and Rio5 made the best small car list. Starting at under $11k and producing 32 mpg the Rio keeps a lot more money in your pocket where it belongs.

The Kia Sedona showed up on the best value list. The website describes it as “A powerful, roomy and versatile family hauler with a low, low price.”

We could sit and brag about our vehicles all day long but its more convincing to our customers when other people do the bragging for us.

If you are interested in a Versa, Rio or the $2.99/gallon offer, please call:

Dick Scott Nissan at 800-504-8536
Dick Scott Kia at 800-730-9872
Dick Scott Dodge at 800-571-6906
Dick Scott Motormall at 800-486-2415