Refuel America Update

by Tim Joseph

On May 7 when we announce the $2.99 per gallon Refuel America program from Chrysler, the cost of gas in our area was arounf $3.61 per gallon. Since then the priced has gone up over 30 cents a gallon. When they announced the program we never could have imagined that the price of gas would go up so quickly. This has made the program that much more valuable to our customers and I just wanted to revisit the program here on the blog.

The Refuel America program has become a great success. A lot of people who wanted to purchase a new SUV or minivan to take on vacation were wondering if they could even afford a vacation with the rising gas prices. Now they can. Others wanted smaller vehicles to save money on gas but were afraid that is gas prices kept going up they would still feel the pintch. Whatever the reason, this program has helped out a lot of people. If you’re thinking of a new Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle, please contact our Dodge store in Plymouth at (800) 571-6906 or our Motormall in Fowlerville at (800) 486-2415.

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