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GEM Cars at Dick Scott

by Tim Joseph

One of the fastest growing segments in the auto industry today is the NEV or Neighborhood Electric Vehicle. This term refers to electric vehicles which travel up to 25 mph and have a range of about 30 miles on a single charge. Dick Scott Motormall in Fowlerville, MI is a dealer of one such vehicle called a GEM.

At first glance the GEM may look like a fancy golf cart but once you dig deeper into the world of the GEM car you find that it is much much more. The GEM can be configured many different ways. They seat from 2 to 6 people, can be used for a wide variety of functions and require no gas or oil to opperate. Most people would use their GEM for getting around the neighborhood, maybe to go to the corner store. GEM also gives you an options for a pickup truck style bed, police and security light bars, radios and much much more. Whatever you will need your GEM for, this car has an available option for you.

GEM cars travel up to 25 miles per hour, have a range of up to 40 miles, charge from a standard household plug and cost very little to charge. They are also street legal in nearly all 50 states (including Michigan) on roads with speed limits of 35 mph and under. This makes it the ideal vehicle for driving around town. If you are considering a GEM, please contact the sales department of our Motormall at 800-486-2415 today!